Custom block not smeltable? Java, Minecraft Forge 1.12.2

I'm trying to make my Copper Ore block smelt into a Copper Ingot, but the furnace won't do anything when I put it in.

Copper Ore's .java file:

package com.leinad.essentialsmod.blocks;

import net.minecraft.block.SoundType;

import net.minecraft.block.material.Material;

public class CopperOre extends BlockBase


public CopperOre(String name, Material material)


super(name, material);




setHarvestLevel("pickaxe", 1);



Copper Ingot's JSON recipe file:


"type": "minecraft:crafting_shapeless",

"group": "ores",

"ingredients": [

{ "item": "em:copper_block" }


"result": {

"item": "em:copper_ingot",

"count": 9




"type": "minecraft:smelting",

"group": "ores",

"ingredient": [

{"item": "em:copper_ore" }


"result": "em:copper_ingot",

"count": 2

"experience": 0.6,

"cookingtime": 200


What am I missing here? Everywhere else I've looked implies that this should be working just fine....

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By: StackOverFlow - Sunday, 15 April

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