Grabbing the media file time using setOnReady randomly stops executing

am trying to get the time of a mp4 mediafile with a file chooser, and also the url, and put them on 2 different textfields(using FXML), the url part works fine, but I am having a problem with the time.

Here is the code I have for getting the time.

private void setTimeField(File selectedFile)


Media mediaFile = new Media(selectedFile.toURI().toString());

MediaPlayer mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer(mediaFile);

mediaPlayer.setOnReady(new Runnable()



public void run()


int timeOfVid = (int) mediaFile.getDuration().toSeconds();






The problem is that sometimes it does set the txtTime, and other times it doesnt, and it feels very random about doing...

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By: StackOverFlow - Wednesday, 9 January

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