Implementation can't be assignable from Interface?

Assume I have:

public interface A {

BigDecimal getAmountValue();

void setAmountValue(BigDecimal amountValue);

String getCurrency();

void setCurrency(String currency);



public class B implements A {

protected BigDecimal amount = BigDecimal.ZERO;

protected String currency;

public B() {



public BigDecimal getAmountValue() {

return amount;



public void setAmountValue(BigDecimal amountValue) {

amount = amountValue;



public String getCurrency() {

return currency;



public void setCurrency(String currency) {

this.currency = currency;



I want to know why org.springframework.util.ClassUtils.isAssignable(B, A) return false.

In my application, I'm using a dozer copy with BeanUtils.copyProperties(), and i was able to do it since I tried to upgrade spring version to 3.2.9

Now, BeanUtils.copyProperties() added ClassUtils.isAssignable() and now my application is not working...

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By: StackOverFlow - Tuesday, 13 March

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