SpringBoot 2 migration ConfigurationProperties Failed to bind property to String[]

I just migrate from Spring boot 1.5.8 to 2.0.0

I solved most of migration errors, but I have no idea for this:


public class LdapConfiguration {


@ConfigurationProperties(prefix = "ldap")

public LdapContextSource contextSource() {

return new LdapContextSource();


@Bean(name = "ldapTemplate")

public LdapTemplate ldapTemplate(ContextSource contextSource) {

return new LdapTemplate(contextSource);



My custom values :


Error :


Failed to bind properties under 'ldap.urls' to java.lang.String[]:

Reason: Unable to get value for property urls


Update your application's configuration

looks like it can't bind my string value ldap.urls to String[], I tried with 2 values in my property separated by coma.

Any idea ?...

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By: StackOverFlow - Wednesday, 14 March

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