What is the best way to handle navigation using page object model (java serenity)

I'm relatively new to page object pattern. What is the best approach for handling navigation? I don't want have multiple methods for each section or to use enum to store locators. Is this approach makes sense, or there are better options?


public class HeaderNavigation extends PageObject{

@FindBy(xpath = "")

private WebElementFacade categoryMenu;

@FindBy(xpath = "(//button[contains(@title,'Sign In')])[1]")

private WebElementFacade signInButton;

@FindBy(xpath = "")

private WebElementFacade timeslotButton;

public WebElementFacade getCategoryMenu() {

return categoryMenu;


public WebElementFacade getSignInButton() {

return signInButton;


public WebElementFacade gettimeslotButton() {

return timeslotButton;


public void ClickOnHeaderNavItem(WebElementFacade element){

boolean elementVisible = element.isVisible();

if (!elementVisible) {

element.withTimeoutOf(30, SECONDS).waitUntilVisible();






public class LoginInSteps {

private HeaderNavigation headerNavigation;

private HomePage homePage;

private LoginPage loginPage;

@Step("The user is...

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By: StackOverFlow - Tuesday, 13 March

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