OpenJDK Update: New features, releases and plans for Java’s future

  • April 3, 2024

In other news, the OpenJDK community has been working on the development of JEP 409, which aims to enhance the Javadoc tool to provide support for generating API documentation for records, sealed classes, and preview features. This feature is expected to be delivered in JDK 17.

Additionally, JEP 428, which proposes to add a new network protocol provider, HTTP/2, for the module, has been targeted for JDK 18. This new provider would add support for the HTTP/2 protocol, which provides improved efficiency and performance compared to the previous standard, HTTP/1.1.

Meanwhile, plans are currently underway for the next Jakarta EE release, dubbed Jakarta EE 10. This release is expected to be fully compatible with Java SE 11 and will include a new namespace, jakarta.*, as well as updates to various specifications and APIs. The Jakarta EE community is currently seeking feedback from developers and users on their experiences with the platform, in order to shape the direction of the upcoming release.

As the evolution of Java continues, the OpenJDK community is constantly seeking feedback from developers and users to improve the language and its features. With new releases and updates on the horizon, it is an exciting time for the Java community as they work towards creating a better, more efficient language for all to use.